About Us

How We Do What We Do


We have had the most success with presenting short educational programs and then providing follow-up coaching to make sure people understand and are implementing concepts. Participants are responsible for developing and implementing Action Plans that their bosses are aware of and able to support.

We will engage in longer-term programs or just a seminar or two, depending on your needs. We have found that if participants know we will be returning , they are more likely to be accountable to developing and implementing training concepts and their Action Plan. Even small insights and behavioral changes can produce more effectiveness and bottom line results for the company. These typically pay for any cost or investment several times over.

Operations and Experience

Glacier HR Services, Inc. is an organization of associated consultants designed to bring clients exceptional results. Our President, Bob Marsenich, has been a management consultant and leadership and business coach for over 25 years. We use our experienced consultants to bring you the most comprehensive and effective training and consulting programs possible.

Points to Ponder

  • We bring a wide based level of experience to the coaching process—we have worked with managers in a variety of settings and can use those experiences to help your managers problem-solve in their specific setting.
  • Participants are often more comfortable and respond more honestly and candidly when they are working with an external consultant.
  • Specific needs and concerns can be addressed with an assurance of confidentiality where appropriate.
  • Opportunities for valuable team-building within the organization can be enhanced.
  • Everyone hears the same thing at the same time.
  • The training/consulting sends a message that management is serious about the issue/topic.
  • The training/consulting sends a message to employees that they are “valued” because of management’s concern for their growth and development.
  • Costs—when you factor in the internal costs of day-to-day activities, the need for consistent follow-up, effectiveness of constructive discussions, a view of objectivity, yet a connection to internal accountability, the costs associated with external versus internal services ends up being minimal.
  • We can provide support and coaching for positive change, and, when necessary, offer additional documentation for adverse actions when individuals refuse to use organizational resources and help to correct deficiencies.

How can we help you?

Leadership Coaching: Contact us for a free Leadership Coaching Session on helping your leaders achieve peak performance.