How GHRS Can Be Effective:

Glacier HR can bring a fresh perspective and add “new blood” to your organization without long-term personnel costs. As Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the father of process improvement, said years ago, “People in a system aren’t necessarily good at diagnosing the problems of the system because they are involved in it, and things seem inevitable to them.” When people are too close to a problem, they will not see new ways of thinking. Not only can we bring some new ways of problem solving, we can teach managers and employees skills that can continuously get at these new ways of thinking to facilitate constant improvement.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is impossible to avoid. The key to resolving conflict is knowing strategies to work through it so you can build a high-performance team. We will outline productive ways of dealing with conflict, ways that make a difference in all aspects of life—at work with co-workers, followers, bosses, customers, and at home with family, friends, children, doctors, and other professionals. We start by facilitating conflict resolution with individuals or groups. We help them move from positions and polarization to needs and negotiation. We reduce the emotional intensity and then we explore exercises and strategies for getting past conflict and building teams on an ongoing basis.

We have successfully dealt with hundreds of conflict situations in hundreds of different organizations. Call us for a free consultation.

Conflict Resolution Missoula Montana Human Resources

Executive and Professional Coaching

Through on-site and telephone coaching sessions, interviews, observations and other 360-degree feedback processes, this service is designed to get results that training may not. The coaching happens in the work environment with real situations. We work with leaders to help them identify strengths and development opportunities. Key business indicators are identified and verified. Follow-up action plans are developed to measure results. Leaders need to be compassionate and they need to make tough decisions. We teach leaders how to balance these attribute, how to manage emotions and whether to use intuition or data in decision making. Contact us for a document outlining the Return on Investment (ROI) a coaching program can achieve.

Managing Change

Bob Marsenich wrote the book, Ready, Aim, Change—A Toolbook for Managing Personal Change. As a result, Bob has continued to apply and implement change philosophies and strategies for personal and work environments. In today’s rapid-change business environment, people often find themselves in a sink or swim situation. Giving them the models and skills to manage change, through this training/coaching platform, enables them to be set up for success. The Steps of Change (the model outlined in the book) gives people a format to follow and therefore make change successful and less stressful.
Managing Change Missoula Montana Human Resources

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